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ITSO October Transtalk

September 27, 2010

Hi all,

Now that everyone has settled into the new academic year, ITSO will be holding its first TransTalk of the year and will elect a new Student Board.  As always, we will have free Pizza Luce for lunch.

Josh Olson from Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority will be talking about the renovation of Union Depot to once again be a regional transportation hub.  At its peak in the 1920s, there were 282 train movements daily. The depot had nine railroads operating from the station. In the 1970’s, with Amtrak taking over much of the passenger service in the United States, service was moved the Midway Station in between the two downtowns.  However, with the planned Central Corridor Light Rail service’s use of Union Depot as the eastern terminus, interest in returning Union Depot to a regional transportation hub has increased.  Amtrak recently announced it will be re-routing its service to Union Depot.  Ramsey County is currently beginning the process of refurbishing Union Depot to accept passenger trains, light rail, and other future transportation modes.

Also at this meeting, we will be holding elections to determine the new Student Board of ITSO.  As a member of the Board, you will assist in planning the activities of ITSO including the monthly TransTalks and the Annual Student Paper Conference.  As a member of the Board, you will have a great opportunity to network with many transportation professionals and members of our sponsoring organizations.  The Board consists of five position: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Communications Officer.  If you are interested in being a board member or have any questions of the responsibilities and roles of the board, please email the current board at

Come and learn about the Union Depot project and enjoy a free Pizza Luce Lunch.

Time: Friday October 1st, 12:00 PM
Location: CE Room 202

ITSO board

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