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November TransTalk

November 15, 2011

Free Pizza!!!
Join us for the November TransTalk

Speaker: Mark Filipi AICP PTP of the Metropolitan Council

Mr. Filipi will discuss his general activities at the Council. He will also present material on the scenario prepared for the Vikings and how the regional travel demand model was adjusted to fully evaluate the proposed stadium.

Mark Filipi is a transportation planner with the Metropolitan Transportation Services division of the Metropolitan Council, currently serving as the manager of their Technical Planning Support section which focuses on travel demand forecasting, air quality modeling, and GIS. This division is responsible for the large scale planning of the transportation system of the seven-county metropolitan region.

He has been with the Council since 1990, primarily involved in travel demand forecasting and serving as the Council’s only travel forecaster for over a decade. During his tenure with the Council he has been involved in the dual-track airport planning process, planning for many major transit corridors (including Hiawatha, Central, and SW LRT), the evaluation of the regions metropolitan principal arterial system, and over-all highway system planning.

Most recently, he prepared the travel demand forecasts for the evaluation of the proposed Viking Stadium in Arden Hills which was prepared in response to Governor Dayton’s request to the Metropolitan Council and the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission. Previous work prepared for the Vikings was based on a forecast based on a MnDOT highway project at I-494 and Snelling Avenue with a site impact traffic analysis prepared for the stadium site. That analysis was primarily designed to assess the road improvements needed to provide access to the site, but not a thorough evaluation of the impacts to the region’s highway system of the proposed stadium.

Free pizza & pop will be served!
Friday, November 18th, 12:30-1:30 pm, CivE
University of Minnesota

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