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Past ITSO Boards



President: David Giacomin
Vice President:  Martin Brosnan
Treasurer: Yao Lu
Secretary: Ning Zhang
Communications Officer: Chelsey Palmateer
Faculty Advisor: David Levinson


2012 – 2013


President: Nathan Poole
Vice President: Michael Janson
Treasurer: Yao Lu
Secretary: Ning Zhang
Communications Officer: Shane Peterson
Faculty Advisor: David Levinson


2011 – 2012


President: Xuan Di
Vice President: Nathan Poole
Treasurer: Lubov Radtke
Secretary: Jessica Schoner
Communications Officer: Thomas Hall
Faculty Advisor: David Levinson


2010 – 2011


President: Laura Eash
Vice President: Nicklaus Ollrich
Treasurer: Xuan Di
Secretary: Saif Jabari
Communications Officer: Jianfeng Zheng
Faculty Advisor: David Levinson


2009 – 2010


President: Josh Pearson
Vice President: Andrea Long
Treasurer: Avital Barnea
Secretary: Michael Collins
Communications Officer: Heng Hu
Faculty Advisor: David Levinson


2008 – 2009


President: Patrick Phenow
Vice President: Almin Ramic
Treasurer: Feili Hong
Secretary: Brad Utecht
Communications Officer: Michael Scharenbroich
Faculty Advisor: David Levinson


2007 – 2008


President: Katie Roth
Vice President: Kyle Chester
Treasurer: Arthur Huang
Secretary: Kris Hoff
Communications Officer: Shanjiang Zhu
Faculty Advisor: David Levinson


2006 – 2007

President: Tyler Patterson
Vice President: Xiaozheng He
Treasurer: Hunwen Tao
Secretary: Adam Danczyk
Communications Officer: Alec More Secretary
Faculty Advisor: Henry Liu


2005 – 2006

President: Nathan Aul
Vice President: Norah Montes de Oca
Treasurer: Tyler Patterson
Secretary: Xiaozheng He
Communications Officer: Phil Cici
Faculty Advisor: David Levinson


2004 – 2005

President: Ingrid Nordby
Vice President: Michael Corbett
Treasurer: Brendan Nee
Secretary: Michael Iacono
Communications Officer: Andy Inserra
Faculty Advisor: David Levinson


2003 – 2004

President: Yufeng Guo
Vice President: Ewa Zofka
Treasurer: Vishnu Garg
Secretary: Michael Iacono
Communications Officer: Wenling Chen
Faculty Advisor: David Levinson


2002 – 2003

President: Brian Smalkoski
Vice President: Yufeng Guo
Treasurer: Ewa Zofka
Secretary: John Hourdakis
Communications Officer: Lei Zhang
Faculty Advisor: David Levinson

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